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We create simple, affordable smart homes

Vivint delivers an integrated smart home system with in-home consultation, professional installation and support delivered by its Smart Home Pros, as well as 24/7 customer care and monitoring. Dedicated to redefining the home experience with intelligent products and services, Vivint serves more than 1.4 million customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Vivint smarthomepro explains how system works

Complete protection comes with complete control

State-of-the-art security cameras and sensors are matched by our intuitive Smart Hub and Smart Home App. The Smart Hub is a stylish 7-inch touchscreen that makes it easy to control your smart home. Our top-rated app lets you stay in control when you’re on the road.

man setting home security with vivint smart hub

You select from a range of options. We take care of the rest

Your Vivint Smart Home is, first and foremost, your home. That’s why we let you take charge. You select only the options you want. Our Smart Home Pros handle the installation and make sure your new system works flawlessly.

professional installation of vivint smart home systems

Vivint Innovation Center

While the orange yard signs may give the impression that Vivint is a home security company, the reality is that we have more in common with tech giants like Microsoft or Google, and no where is this more true than at the Vivint Innovation center. The building houses over 300 employees who focus their time on developing the products and solutions that enable solve customer problems and provide the ultimate Smart Home systems. Teams of engineers, product development, IT, marketing and design all come together in an office environment that includes Silicon Valley staples of an in-house gym, fully stocked cafeteria and ping pong tables. This work environment is working as the teams have contributed to over 70 patents (with another 180 pending) for technology innovations in home automation, voice control, cloud storage and security – all of which keep Vivint at the forefront as the race to own the Internet of Things.

Vivint innovation centre

One App

Because very few smart home providers actually provide a fully integrated solution that delivers all the home automation features people need, they are forced to try and create their own system that uses different cameras, security sensors, thermostats and fire protection systems. The end result is a system that doesn’t fully integrate and also needs multiple controllers and apps. Because the teams in the Vivint Innovation center work in vertical teams, all of our technology is designed and build to work seamlessly and is all controlled through one, award winning, app. Vivint’s suite of smart home cameras, sensors, and app are all designed and build in-house and engineered to work together, making it easy to control your home from the living room, bedroom or even out of the country.

Customer checking doorbell camera Vivint smart home app

Smart Home Pros

Our commitment to innovation isn’t just in technology and product development, but also in the way we help our customers to design the perfect smart home system, exactly to their needs. Unlike many providers, our Smart Home Pro team provide a free in home consultation where they can fully understand the customer’s needs, understand any specific requirements their home may have and ensure the customer understand all the options they have. The end result is a custom designed system that is designed exactly to the customers actual needs rather than a standard package which may not be quite right for their home. By doing this in person, at the customers home, by a fully trained Smart Home Pro we are also able to talk the customer through exactly how the suite of products work and how to get the most out of the system – something that just isn’t possible when selling over the phone.

Vivint smarthomepro explains how system works

Warranty & Service

We know that investment in a smart home system is a serious commitment which is why a lifetime warranty is offered on all products for the duration that the customer stays with Vivint, as opposed to the 1 or 2 year warranties offered by manufacturers of many other products. In addition to the warranties on products, Vivint’s high levels of customer service has received many awards for service provided. In addition our team of Smart Home Pro’s all live locally to our customer and so are able to offer practical real world advice when designing systems as well being able to come and resolve any issues, something many other providers can match if they outsource their support teams.

vivint call centre staff

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Nationwide Free In-Home Consultation
Nationwide Professional Installation
Touchscreen Panel Comes Standard
Mobile App Rating
24/7 Customer Support
2-Way Voice Panel with Monitoring Support
Hands-Free Voice Control
Lock Doors
Close Garage Door
Arm Security System
Turn on/off Lights
Adjust Thermostat
Smart Home Products & Services
Smart Doorbell Camera w/ App & Panel Integration
Indoor Camera
30 Day 24/7 Continuous Video Recording
Smart Thermostat
Occupancy-based Temperature Management
Smart Door Lock