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Vivint Water Sensor image gallery

Vivint Water Sensor Features

  • Moisture monitoring

    Detects leaky pipes and standing water.

  • Notifications

    Be the first to know if water is detected.

  • Temperature monitoring

    Detects freezing temperatures that can damage pipes.

  • Tamper Alerts

    Get notified when sensors are disturbed.

  • Wireless ease

    Units are battery powered so they can be placed virtually anywhere.

Catching leaks early means limiting damage

Receive notifications through the Vivint Smart Home App when your home is at risk from water or freezing temperatures in the basement or garage. Wherever you are, you’ll be in the know and can act to prevent serious damage.

Woman checks phone for vivint water sensor

Get the drop on drips

If you’ve ever had to mop up after a flooded dishwasher or broken pipe you know the damage water can do. Water sensors let you know immediately when there is a problem so you can shut off the flow and limit damage to you home.

Vivint water sensor detects drips

Sub-zero temperatures are sub-optimal

Water sensors can help ensure your pipes don’t freeze and crack. Dangerously low temperatures in your home or garage trigger notifications, giving you precious time to avoid disaster.

Woman checks water sensor on Vivint mobile app

Vivint Water Sensor Specifications

Vivint water sensor product photo
  • Colour White
  • Size 64 mm h x 64 mm w x 25 mm d
  • Frequency 345 MHz
  • Battery CR123A 3V lithium battery
  • Battery life 3-6 years
  • Relative humidity 5-95% non-condensing

See how we compare

Water sensor comparison

Detects extreme temperatures
Always connected
Manage from Vivint App
24/7 monitoring
App rating 4.5 star 2.2 star 2.8 star

Customer Reviews

Jonah has been amazing to deal with. Staff are knowledgeable, provide excellent service and are accommodating to our needs. One of the major selling points is the accessibility via app. Their app is user friendly and includes many features that make everything more convenient including adjusting the thermostat, locking/ unlocking doors. We recently had a backup in our drain and are super grateful to have had a water sensor set up in the room. As soon as it happened, our alarms went off, Vivint even contacted us to notify us before anything serious happened. Vivint has provided us with peace of mind and that’s something you can’t put a price on. Would definitely recommend!

Liam Chung - Calgary - 4/7/2019

I have always heard nothing but good things about Vivint. Now that we have the Vivint home security system installed at our home I can still say the same thing. Right from the initial call to get a quote on having the system installed to now having the system I have been pleased. The other day the system saved us from costly water damage in the basement when the water sensor notified us of a problem with our sump pump. I definitely recommend Vivint to anyone who enjoys piece of mind.

Mr. Bear - Edmonton - 6/3/2018

I have had Vivint installed in both my first and second homes. In the first house, it was a salesperson at the door that impressed me with all the features. They were quite new then, and while the system worked, there was room for improvement. But, improve it did, the app got better, the control panel got updates, and before long it grew into a flawless system. Now in the new house, they are very well established, and everything works extremely well. I’m a big fan of smart home technology, and Vivint is top of the class. I spent time researching more before deciding in house 2, but still happily chose them again. The hardware works great, but another big factor is the consistently excellent customer service. No hold times, and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Fortunately I have only ever had false alarms, but they are dealt with perfectly. I did have my water alarm go off though when I messed up my sump, and it truly saved me. Long review, but yes I fully recommend Vivint!

Nigel Seaton - Edmonton - 6/1/2018

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