Emergency medical attention on call

The Vivint Panic Pendant is perfect for seniors who live on their own and for people with acute medical conditions. It’s a lifeline that is there when help is needed. Pushing the panic button puts the wearer in contact with a Vivint monitoring agent who can assess the situation and alert first responders if needed.

Vivint panic pendant being used by old man

Vivint Panic Pendant Features

  • Integrated system

    The Vivint Panic Pendant works with the control panel to form the Vivint Medical Alert System.

  • Wireless range

    A range of 100 metres means you can get help from almost anywhere in your home.

  • 2-way voice communication

    The control panel lets you speak directly to a medical professional.

  • Temperature and water resistant

    Works in humid conditions and in temperatures ranging from 0 to 48° C.

  • Dimensions

    42 mm h x 30 mm w x 13 mm d

  • It goes where you go

    The panic button can be worn around your neck or on a belt. It functions as a wristband and can be attached to the wall or clipped to the sun visor of a car.

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros

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