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The market leading outdoor security camera

Featuring 4k high resolution, night vision and smart motion detection as well as a host of other features.

front shot of vivint outdoor camera pro

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro image gallery

Look after your home when you’re away

  • Smart Sentry™

    Camera detect threats and deters intruders

  • Two-way talk

    Built in speaker to tell people to move on.

  • 4K sensor

    Market leading 1080p resolution and HD zoom

  • Surveillance Zone

    Set the area the security camera can cover

  • Wide angle lens with night vision

    140 degree view, widest for security cameras.

  • Hybrid Wired Wi-Fi connection

    Reduced buffering for better video quality.

HD surveillance camera

Intelligent security camera video for proactive protection.

The best security camera on the market, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro uses Smart Sentry™ to prevent crime by identifying threats in order to deter intruders.

Bike thief caught with vivint outdoor camera pro

Full HD view.

With the highest resolution of outdoor security cameras on the market, the 4k HDR sensor provides 1080p live and recorded video. Added to this, the HD zoom means faces and license plates can be clearly identified from within the Vivint app on your phone.

kids play soccer on vivint outdoor camera

The best defense is a good offense.

Prevention is better than cure, and with Smart Sentry™ technology you define a zone outside your home which the security camera actively patrols and plays a tone and uses the LED ring to deter potential loiterers.

woman checks vivint outdoor camera on phone will walking

One big (smart) happy family.

While the Outdoor Camera Pro is one of the best security cameras on the market, it works even better as part of the Vivint Smart Home system. As well as a two way talk back feature, the camera can automatically record open doors and windows.

Vivint outdoor camera pro on house wall

Watch now. Watch later.

While security cameras act as deterrents to loiterers, pairing the Outdoor Camera Pro with the Vivint Smart Hub and app means you can check when packages are delivered or visitors stop by.

Woman checks outdoor camera feed

Catch all the action.

The wide angle, 140° view, is the best of any comparable security cameras which means that you can see everything that is going on outside your home. At night the powerful IR night vision sensor means that unwanted visitors in the evening are captured in high resolution.

Shot from vivint outdoor camera pro


The best defense is a good offense

Smart Sentry™ keeps an eye on the “surveillance zone” you define, paying special attention to people who approach your home. For those that linger too long, Smart Sentry™ illuminates the camera’s LED ring and plays a tone letting them know they’ve been spotted. You can even customize notifications to be alerted when anyone approaches or only if someone is loitering.

vivint outdoor camera pro

One big (smart) happy family

Enjoy a safer home with cameras and security that work together. As part of your Vivint system, the Outdoor Camera Pro can automatically record when a door or window is opened or even sound an outdoor alarm to ward off unwanted visitors. Two-way talk lets you tell the kids it’s time to come inside or tell a lurker that it’s time to move on.

burglar being caught on vivint outdoor camera

Catch all the action

You don’t want your camera to miss a thing. So we designed the Outdoor Camera Pro to get it all. With its wide 140° field of view, the Pro captures as much of your yard as possible and records when it detects someone on your property—from beginning to end. And since anything can happen at any time, high-powered IR night vision sensors make sure the camera catches all the action, day and night.

Vivint outdoor camera pro prevents snoopers

Strong signal. Strong protection.

Did you know that wireless cameras lose as much as 50% of their signal just trying to get inside the home? Your camera can’t help if it can’t stay connected. That’s why the Outdoor Camera Pro uses a Hybrid Wired Wi-Fi connection to make sure you have a smoother, faster video experience with less delay and buffering.

Vivint Outdoor Camera pro being installed


Close up photo of vivint outdoor camera pro
  • Image sensor 4k Ultra HD with high dynamic range
  • Maximum video resolution 1080p
  • Field of view 140°
  • Connectivity PoE, PLC & Wi-Fi bridge
  • Zoom 3x HD Zoom, 10x Digital
  • Night vision range 55’
  • Clip length Event-based 10-90 seconds
  • Speaker 85dB
  • Microphone Two far-field mics with echo canceling
  • Size 2.8" w x 5.9" d
  • Weatherproof rating IP 65
  • Still photographs High resolution photos saved to your mobile device.

See how we compare

Clips + 30 Day DVR Clips only Clips only
Lifetime Warranty 1yr. warranty 2yr. warranty
1080p HD Video with 4k HDR 720p video 130° lens angle
140° Lens Angle 107° lens angle 130° lens angle
Mobile App Rating 4.5 stars 3.5 stars 3.5 stars
Automated Alerts with Car Guard

Customer Reviews

Love my new system and the protection it gives my family. Install and service were top notch. I love how customizable the service is through the app you can set all kinds of things according to your needs. The camera in the back of my house has a crazy wide view I have a 55ft lot and I can see my the whole back of my house and yard as well as a piece of each neighbor beside me there is no getting by this camera and i Love that you can talk through it.

Alex Santrau - Edmonton - 8/8/2019

We are very happy with the home security provided by Vivint. We are particularly pleased with the camera in the back alley because other security companies had told us that it was not possible. The Vivint camera does not depend on the house wifi, which is a big plus. Now we can see what is happening back there!

Anne Price - Edmonton - 8/15/2019

Initial call to request service was outstanding, when service tech came out to view the property, he was very informative and very knowledgeable. Great customer service, I ended up paying for the equipment upfront, instead of making payments on it. I have been using the service for a little under a month, the alerts are great, the camera quality is terrific! Overall super pleased. I shopped around with other "well known" alarm providers and this was the best choice, and we own the equipment.

Emma Fajardo - Houston - 8/14/2019

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  • By completing this form, you consent for Vivint to contact you at the number and email provided about Vivint offers. This consent does not require you to make a purchase. Clicking the button below constitutes your electronic signature.