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Vivint Smoke Alarm image gallery

Vivint Smoke Detector

  • Smart Home Connectivity

    Built-in transmitter communicates wirelessly with Vivint SkyControl panel.

  • Simple Install

    Battery powered for easy installation.

  • Sky Control integration

    Smoke or excessive heat triggers a local fire alarm and the transmitter sends a signal to SkyControl.

  • Wide ranging detection

    Provides protection within a 10-metre radius of unit.

  • Status updates

    Sends information on battery life and any tampering incidents to SkyControl.

Where there’s smoke ...

Fire can destroy a home in a matter of minutes. That’s why Vivint Smart Home systems include smoke detectors. Photoelectric sensors detect increased heat or smoke and sound the alarm before you even see the flames.

Vivint smoke alarm detects kitchen smoke

In charge when the power goes out

People often resort to candles and portable heaters when the power goes out. This increases the risk of fire. Smoke detectors can access the backup battery of the Vivint SkyControl Panel to remain vigilant.

Vivint smoke alarm in action

Fire protection in the palm of your hand

If you’re at work when a fire breaks out at home, you’ll be notified. When your smoke detector is integrated into your Vivint Smart Home system it sounds the alarm at home and sends notifications to the Vivint SkyControl Panel and to your phone via the Vivint Smart Home App.

vivint mobile app showing smoke alert

It does more than sound the alarm

When the smoke detector triggers an alarm it also sends a signal to the smart thermostat to shut off airflow to slow the spread of fire. Smart locks will automatically open to clear the escape route.

kids leaves home that has smoke alarm

Call for help—immediately

The Vivint SkyControl Panel offers an emergency callout feature to contact our professional security monitors. They’re on duty 24/7/365 and can dispatch firefighters while you get your family to safety.

Vivint home hub calling emergency services

Vivint Smoke Detector Specifications

Vivint smoke detector
  • Colour White
  • Size 5.6" w x 2.4" h
  • Frequency 345 MHz
  • Siren Level 85 dB
  • Mounting Screws and bracket
  • Battery 3 AAA batteries
  • Battery life 5 years
  • Warranty 1 year or the length of your Vivint Service agreement, whichever is longer

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