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Unprecedented control of home security

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Kwikset Smart Locks features

  • Kwikset Smart Locks

    Lock and unlock doors from the next room or the next time zone.

  • Mobile Access

    The Vivint Smart Home App lets you lock and unlock doors wherever you are.

  • Alerts

    Get notified when the door is left unlocked.

  • Complete Security

    Our technology guards against unwanted visitors.

Kwikset Smart Locks make sense

Modern life comes with a lot to remember. When you leave home you need your keys, jacket, gym shoes, kids and their lunches. Smart locks make for a smoother exit. Deadbolt your doors, turn off your lights, adjust your thermostat and arm your security system all at the same time.

Family leaving house protected with vivint smart lock

Going keyless is the key to convenience

Forget searching your pockets, bag or briefcase. A PIN code unlocks the door, and signals your smart home to disarm your system, flips on the lights and adjust your thermostat. Think of it as an automatic welcome home.

Boy uses vivint smart lock

The door is always open. And always locked

Busy family members have conflicting schedules. Smart locks let everyone in the family come and go as they please. No more compromising security by hiding a spare key. Plus, your smart home can tell you who is home at any given moment.

Kids using vivint smart locks

Long-distance magic

Kwikset Smart Locks work with the Vivint Doorbell Camera and Garage Door Control to let you keep an eye on things wherever you happen to be. Use the Doorbell Camera to answer the front door. Smart locks and Garage Door Control give you the ability to let visitors and delivery people in and to lock up behind them.

Delivery driver presses vivint doorbell camera

Customer Reviews

Jonah has been amazing to deal with. Staff are knowledgeable, provide excellent service and are accommodating to our needs. One of the major selling points is the accessibility via app. Their app is user friendly and includes many features that make everything more convenient including adjusting the thermostat, locking/ unlocking doors. We recently had a backup in our drain and are super grateful to have had a water sensor set up in the room. As soon as it happened, our alarms went off, Vivint even contacted us to notify us before anything serious happened. Vivint has provided us with peace of mind and that’s something you can’t put a price on. Would definitely recommend!

Liam Chung - Calgary - 4/7/2019

The technician was exactly on time. Good start to the service call. He took care of the system checks and then asked us what questions we had. As we explained what we thought needed service, he explained clearly what needed to be done and explained what he was doing as he fixed the problems. He also happily did a retraining with us on how to use the system. He showed us some additional features with the power door latch which we did not know before. It was great as we have adult children coming over at different times and they now have their own door lock code, separate from our own code. It’s very convenient. Glad I'm with Vivint. Great service and product.

Roy Singleton - Edmonton - 1/20/2018

Automating door locks and system arming extremely valuable.

Digital trends

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros

Sign up with Vivint and Smart Home Pros will install your system and link your account in the Vivint Smart Home mobile app.

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