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Vivint Ping Camera image gallery

Vivint Ping Camera Features

  • Two-way talk

    Call in to family at home while you're on the go.

  • One-touch callout

    Your family can contact you instantly with the push of a button.

  • Infrared night vision

    See what's happening in your home, any time, day or night.

  • Custom notifications

    Get alerts when something happens.

  • 24/7 playback

    Save up to 30 days of continuous footage

  • HD and wide angle

    Capture all the action with Ping’s wide-angle lens and crisp resolution.

Vivint Ping Camera

Ping knows there’s no place like home

Crisp, high-definition video catches every detail while a wide-angle lens opens up entire rooms. Advanced image technology lets you see what you want to see, day or night. It’s the next best thing to being there.

kids show off pictures on vivint ping camera

Don’t miss a move

When someone moves into Ping’s field of view, smart motion detection activates recording of 20-second Smart Clips. Watch at your convenience on your mobile device or Smart Hub panel. Plus, you can choose a specific area for motion detection and adjust the sensitivity of the camera.

Vivint ping camera in kids room

Call in, call out

Two-way talk gives you a direct connection to home from your mobile device. Check in to see to see if your kids are staying out of mischief, if they’re doing their homework, or just to say “hi.” Your loved ones can easily reach you, too

kids play on vivint ping camera

Be part of the action

Ping sends you custom mobile notifications, using your preferred settings to record video clips and send them to your phone. It’s an easy way to see people coming and going around your house and to capture unexpected moments.

girls speaks to vivint ping camera

Ping never sleeps

Kids wandering the house after bedtime. Pets that go bump in the night. Life doesn’t stop when the lights go out. But don’t get out of bed. Ping’s infrared night vision watches over your home from dusk to dawn so you can rest easy.

Vivint ping camera in a kitchen

One big (and smart) happy family

Paired with the Vivint Smart Home app, Ping becomes a key part of your smart home. Set Pings by the front and back doors to function as motion-activated security cameras. As with everything in your Vivint smart home, it all works together to make your life easier.

Video of kids on vivint smartphone app

Ping Camera Specification

2 vivint ping cameras
  • Colour White
  • Size 132 mm h x 81 mm d
  • Weight 500 g
  • Power usage 12V 1.5A
  • AC adapter Input: 100-240V @ 50-60Hz AC, 0.2AOutput: 12VDC, 1.5A
  • Camera lens 1/3”, 4-megapixel sensor
  • Video resolution Full HD 1080p
  • Field of view 155° horizontal, 80° vertical
  • Night vision 3 high-powered infrared LEDs (850nm) with IR cut filter
  • Audio Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Connectivity requirements Wi-Fi connection: 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
  • Works best with 1.5 Mbps upload

See how we compare

Ping camera comparison

Clips + 30 Day DVR clips only clips only
Lifetime Warranty 1 year warranty 1 year warranty
Two way talk Camera only Camera only
140° Lens Angle 107° Lens Angle 116° Lens Angle
app rating 4.5 star 3.5 star 2.5 star

Ping camera FAQs

The Vivint Ping camera enables you to either create recordings triggered by motion or by the system. System recordings start when and event such as door is unlocked or other event is triggered by the system. To set these up follow these simple steps.
  1. Through your Vivint Sky App and tap on the menu icon, that has three horizontal bars.
  2. Tap into 'Custom Actions'
  3. From here select 'Rule' and tap on the plus icon from the top right corner
  4. Tap 'Cameras to record'
  5. Using the check boxes, select the camera you would like to record and decide what should trigger the recording such as door unlocked.
  6. Set what time this rule should occur
Following this, the new rule will be summarized and simply tap 'Done' for the rule to be saved.
First check that the camera is working as should and the light in front of the camera is solid white. Then check over the schedules are active within the recording schedules of the app. Test the system again and if they still aren’t functioning try removing and creating new schedules in the app.
If you wish to disable remote viewing and recording you can temporarily disable this with privacy mode. When privacy mode is activated you’ll see a blue screen show within the mobile app and online account.
Within your online account click into the cameras section under Custom Actions. If your cameras aren’t listed then get in touch with our customer care team who will be able to assist. If the cameras aren’t showing in the mobile app, but are in the online account, try logging out and signing back in at which point the cameras should be shown.
As part of the consultation and installation process a Vivint Smart Home Pro will install and position cameras for the best results. Once in place if you change furniture arrangements or room configurations you can move your Ping cameras as often as you like. It is worth following a few simple rules to get the most out of the system if you make changes.
  • Height of the camera – set the camera position so that you can capture the best view of the room
  • Strength of the signal – as a wireless camera ensure you get the clearest picture by avoiding any WiFi black spots in the house and position close to WiFi router.
  • Power – try and set the camera as close to a power socket as possible.
  • Secure mounting – either set the camera on a flat surface or use a secure attachement.

Customer Reviews

After going through a terrible experience with Alder, I decided to get Vivint Smart Home, and I'm glad I did, because their very professional. The representative was great to talk to as well as the installer. Now I can keep an even better watch out for my sister who's dealing with dementia, because I not only have the alarm, but I also have the medical bracelet and camera as well. Its been over a month since I've received it, and I'm very satisfied.

James Ned - Houston - 6/6/2019

Vivint is reliable and offers friendly customer service. In the event when equipment malfunctions, they offer immediate support and help me schedule a time for a technician to come when it's convenient for me. Even better, all the information and tools I need are available online. I LOVE having the ability to control my home from my smartphone or computer - I can lock my front door from work, check my cameras to see who is at my front door, and check on my dogs while I'm out. There are step by step instructions on their website on how to troubleshoot my equipment. Vivint was incredibly helpful helping us choose what equipment suited our needs, home and lifestyle best. We were never upsold on things we didn't need, and I feel safer in my home.

Johnena Stenske - Calgary - 2/9/2018

I have been very happy with the system and especially with the people at Vivint. The system works great and of course it is nice to be able to see if the dog wants out just by checking an indoor camera. The service techs are fantastic. The guys who set it up and then the guys who re-set up after fire we had in the garage. I do recommend this company and their products.

Ron Graham - Edmonton - 2/28/2018

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros

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  • By completing this form, you consent for Vivint to contact you at the number and email provided about Vivint offers. This consent does not require you to make a purchase. Clicking the button below constitutes your electronic signature.