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Philips Hue Features

  • LED bulbs

    Long-lasting and energy efficiency.

  • Voice control

    Adjust lighting without using your hands.

  • Wireless connection

    Easy installation gives you mobile control of lighting.

  • Vivint app integration

    Turn lights on and off or dim them with the Vivint Smart Home App.

  • Lighting groups

    Co-ordinate rooms, floors or your entire home.

  • Custom timing

    Set lights to switch on or off to accommodate your schedule.

Vivint and Philips Hue

A bright idea

Combine Vivint Smart Home, Google Home or Amazon Echo with Philips Hue smart light bulbs to get lights that listen. Voice control of lighting means you can use your voice to set the mood for movie night, a dinner party or a quiet evening at home.

Mum in kitchen with vivint smart home products

A seamless system offers complete control

Philips Hue lighting works in tandem with your Vivint Smart Home. Use your Vivint SkyControl Panel or the Vivint Smart Home App to not only lock doors and arm your security systems but also turn out the lights as you head for bed.

control lighting with vivint mobile app

Light up a room - even when you’re not home

Add Philips Hue smart light bulbs to your Vivint Smart Home and get the ability to turn the lights on while travelling. Custom rules let you turn lights on and off, so no one will know you’re on the road.

Vivint Smart Home with smart lights

A bright and shiny welcome home

Smart lighting lets you create a home that knows when you need a little help. Philips Hue integrated with your smart home means you can set the lights to turn on when you unlock the front door.

Vivint smart home lighting

At home and away

Did you leave the lights on as you raced out the door? Use your phone to turn them off once you get to the office. The Vivint Smart Home App or Vivint Smart Hub give you complete control no matter your location. Flick on the kitchen lights as you pull into the driveway. Turn off all the lights as you head for bed.

Vivint smart home with Philips hue lights

Make your own rules

Custom lighting makes your home safe and energy efficient. Motion-activated lights chase away intruders. Or save energy by turning lights off when you forgot to do so on your way out the door. You choose what works best for you.

Guy leaves smart home and smart light bulbs


Control the lights in your home from your smartphone.

Set lights to turn on or off at certain times.

Simple to install. Delivers mobile control of lights.

Add a smart speaker to your Vivint system and adjust lights using just your voice.

Works with Z-Wave devices.

Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs Specifications

Philips Hue smart light bulbs
  • Colour Soft White
  • Light output 840 lm @ 2700K
  • Wattage 9.5 W
  • Required products Philips Hue Bridge
  • Bulb life 25,000 hrs
  • Communication protocol ZigBee
  • Compatibility iOS 8.0+ or Android 2.3+

Customer Reviews

Vivint service is exceptional. I recently upgraded the panel and Joey arrived and converted all the cameras and attachments to the new panel without fuss or confusion. This was a long task as I have a lot of Z-wave switches. :-) In the process we missed one so I rang the helpdesk and they walked me through the addition process over the phone. Everyone has been friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Top class company.

Donald Scott - Calgary - 2/5/2018

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros

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