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Answer the front door even when you’re not at home

Vivint doorbell camera product

Vivint Doorbell Camera image gallery

Vivint Doorbell Camera features

  • Talkback

    Speak to visitors without opening the door

  • Night Vision

    State of the art sensors for clarity day or night

  • Vivint Smart Clips™

    Up to 30 seconds of footage available on demand

  • Custom Alerts

    Integrates with the Vivint Mobile app to alert you on the go

  • 180-degree Lens

    Market leading wide angle view

  • Vivint Sky™ Integration

    See who is at the door and let them in through home automation

  • Smart Visitor Detection

    Distinguishes between people, passing vehicles, shadows and swaying branches, so you don’t receive a notification when a car drives by your home or every time the wind blows.

  • Vivint Playback™

    Record footage from Doorbell camera and up to 3 other cameras 24/7 for up to 30 days.

Vivint Doorbell Camera

Catch everything outside your door all the time

With elegant design, the Vivint Doorbell Camera brings an understated form and high-tech function to your front entrance. It’s a video doorbell with a wide angle lens to see more, HD resolution for clarity and infrared night vision so you don’t miss anything 24 hours a day.

Group of girls shown on Vivint doorbell camera

The Vivint Doorbell Camera blends in seamlessly

The minimalist design of the Vivint Doorbell Camera sends a message to potential burglars that your house is protected, while at the same time blending in as a regular doorbell for welcome visitors.

Girl rings vivint doorbell

Answer your door from anywhere

A microphone and speaker are integrated into the Vivint Doorbell Camera letting you speak with visitors even when you’re not home. This allows you to manage deliveries as well as making sure you don’t miss unexpected guests.

Woman checks delivery on phone via vivint doorbell camera

Alert you when people come by

The Vivint Doorbell Camera means an end to surprise visitors. Smart motion detection can send and alert when a visitor approaches; you’ll know who’s on your doorstep before they ring your doorbell.

Woman gets vivint doorbell alert while walking a dog

Link up your doorbell camera to Vivint Smart Home

The Vivint Doorbell Camera is made to smoothly integrate into your Vivint Smart Home system. This allows you to see them on the Vivint app, identify that they are a welcome visitor then unlock doors and turn on lights to make them feel welcome.

Vivint smart hub showing doorbell camera active

Smart motion detection

The smart sensors built into Vivint Doorbell Camera can distinguish between people, cars and shadows. People activate short Smart Clips that are saved for 45 days – handy for checking up on who’s been round while you’re on vacation.

View from Vivint doorbell camera

Store key moments with Vivint Playback

Enhance your Vivint Doorbell Camera by saving recordings 24/7 with Vivint Playback DVR. Recordings are uploaded to Vivint Smart Drive saving bandwidth and then access footage through the Vivint Mobile app.

Woman checking doorbell camera on her phone


Vivint doorbell camera
  • Field of view 180 degrees
  • Night vision 2 high-power infrared LEDs (850 nm)
  • Video Encoding up to 720p HD
  • Audio Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Camera lens 1.3-mexgapixel sensor
  • Size Approx. 113 mm h x 38 mm w x 30 mm d
  • Weight 3.8 oz
  • Colour Silver
  • Power usage 12-24VAC or DC, 1.0A min.
  • Connectivity requirements Wi-Fi connection: 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz

Vivint Doorbell Camera Comparison

Doorbell Camera Comparison

Recording Clips + 30 day DVR Clips only Clips only
Warranty Lifetime 2 year 2 year
Size 4.5" x 1.5" 2.8" x 2.8" 4.6" x 1.7"
Lens Angle 180° 180° 160°
App rating 4.5 Star 3 Star 3 Star

Customer Reviews

Love the product and the sales person and installer were both wonderful!! Both professional and good at what they do!! This system has brought me piece of mind being a part time working mom who is not always comfortable with having to answer the door, so now I can talk through the doorbell!!

Alyssa O'Brien - Winnipeg - 6/3/2019

The Vivint installer was so professional and kind. Explained everything before and after the install and suggested other options to get better use of the system. Already have had a few notifications on our phone while we were away which alerted us of a package or someone at the door. This system s so very easy to use. Just wish we were using it a long time ago!!

Jamie Chenault - DFW Service Area - 2/20/2019

Very professional in all my dealings with the salesman and the installer. The installation took place approximately 1 hour after we signed the contract. Awesome!! I love the doorbell camera and my back patio camera. Vivint is a much better product from my old security company. Kudos to the management of Vivint !!

Sue Heslin - Houston - 8/10/2019

Doorbell camera FAQs

As one of the smallest and most discreet doorbell cameras on the market, the Vivint Doorbell camera provides the ability to follow activity at the front door and check on who comes and goes. This means you are able to;
  • See who it at the door without opening it
  • Check on the door remotely when there is no-one home with the children
  • Recordings enable you to never miss anything or anyone who comes to the doorstep
Doorbell cameras can improve productivity in a number of ways;
  • Enable secure, remote access to house for deliveries meaning you don't need to stay home to wait
  • Minimize distractions for home workers by checking on who is at the door from your home desk rather than interrupting work
  • Interact with visitors through the two way talk back system to save time

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros

Sign up with Vivint and Smart Home Pros will install your system and link your account in the Vivint Smart Home mobile app.

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  • By completing this form, you consent for Vivint to contact you at the number and email provided about Vivint offers. This consent does not require you to make a purchase. Clicking the button below constitutes your electronic signature.