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Vivint Carbon Monoxide Detector image gallery

CO Detector Features

  • Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide sensor provides accurate detection

  • Easy integration into Vivint Smart home system for 24/7 monitoring.

  • Connects through wireless signal to Vivint SkyControl™ Panel

  • Long lasting battery for ease and flexibility

  • Carbon Monoxide level detection within 35-foot zone

  • Low battery alert through Vivint Smart Home app.

Vivint Carbon Monoxide Specifications

Vivint CO detector
  • Color White
  • Size 3.2″ h x 2.8″ w x 2.0″ d
  • Frequency 345 MHz
  • Siren Level 85 dB
  • Mounting Screws and bracket
  • Battery 2 CR123A batteries
  • Battery Life 3-5 years
  • Warranty 1 year or the length of your Vivint Service agreement, whichever is longer

Carbon monoxide detectors are essential to home safety

Vivint’s Carbon Monoxide Detectors provide life saving protection form deadly Carbon Monoxide leaks from gas ovens or furnaces. The sensors monitor Carbon Monoxide levels in the air which is monitored 24/7 to ensure any indoor air issues are dealt with quickly and safely.

vivint smart hub in a family home

How your smart home reacts to CO leaks

As part of a Vivint Smart Home system, Carbon Monoxide Detectors are interconnected to the system to ensure that in the event of a leak, doors are unlocked and window sensors disarmed to ensure that the home can be properly ventilated quickly to reduce carbon monoxide levels.

Family and Vivint smart hub

Know about carbon monoxide at home even if you’re not

As well as connecting to the Vivint monitoring team, Vivint’s Carbon Monoxide Detectors are also linked to the Vivint Smart Home app, alerting you if detector is activated.

Woman checking doorbell camera on her phone

24/7 support from Smart Home Monitoring Specialists™

As well as ensuring your home is safe in the event of a Carbon Monoxide leak, our monitoring team will assist with emergency support and contact emergency services if required to ensure the safety of your family and pets.

Vivint Smart Home customer services staff

Carbon monoxide detection that lasts up to five years

Our Carbon Monoxide Detector is built to last, with an electrochemical sensor that will last for up to 5 years. While the battery is designed to be long lasting, in the event it needs to be changed, an alert will appear on the Vivint Smart Home app and control panel.

Vivint CO detector

Customer Reviews

We were extremely pleased with the prompt response and service recieved. The pre-installation survey was thorough, friendly and carried out by a very knowledgeable person. The survey identified exactly what our specific requirements were. Installation was carried out the very next day! It was done by a very friendly and capable professional. All equipment worked exactly as advertised; cameras with clear 180 degree view and speaker and microphone, automated locks, doorbell camera, smoke and CO detectors, window and glass break sensors...all controlled by an app and communicated to your phone and iWatch. 24/7 Security monitoring is provided as well. Truly fantastic! We definitely recommend Vivint to anyone looking to add security and home automation to enhance their lives.

Kenneth Hall - Calgary - 10/23/2019

The Vivint rep was very helpful and was able to replaced the carbon monoxide detector. The batteries in a few of the doors and windows needing to be changed and he also replaced those for us. We were very happy with the service.

Patricia Henry - Red Deer - 1/18/2018

So far my experience has been wonderful. Dan was my salesman. He was very knowledgeable about their equipment. He only wanted to sell me what I wanted nothing more. The two installers were very friendly and outgoing. All of the equipment is working as they said it would and I feel safe.

Teranie perdue - Austin - 8/15/19

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros

Sign up with Vivint and Smart Home Pros will install your system and link your account in the Vivint Smart Home mobile app.

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