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Vivint Car Guard Gallery

Vivint Car Guard Features

  • Car Tracker

    Know when family members are heading home or when your car has been towed.

  • Car diagnostics

    Get maintenance reminders and notifications about mechanical problems.

  • Mobile alerts

    Know if your car is being tampered with, towed or just bumped so you can act.

  • One app

    Manage your home and car security with the Vivint Smart Home App.

  • Syncs with Vivint Smart Home

    Lights and cameras are activated when your vehicle is disturbed.

Vivint Car Guard

Rev up your smart home protection

Car Guard gives you the ability to protect your home and vehicle with one system. Set home security settings to turn on lights or video recording if your vehicle is disturbed in your garage or driveway.

Vivint sign outside house

One app. Twice the protection

Like your smart home, Vivint Car Guard integrates with the Vivint Smart Home App. If your property is threatened—car or home—the app will alert you. We make it easy to to manage home security.

Vivint car guard and mobile app

Your eyes on the road

With tamper alerts, you always know what’s going on with your car. You’ll be notified when it is being stolen, towed or just bumped, so can take action.

vivint camera captures car thief

Keep your engine purring

Vivint Car Guard diagnostics monitor your car’s performance and status. We can also send you a reminder about regular maintenance or let you know when mechanical problems crop up.

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Vivint Car Guard Specifications

GPS and 4G LTE cell with US and Canadian SIMs for car tracker and data transmission

Yes (alerts on tamper or removal)

Vehicle status—parked or moving. Share location via text, email or even Slack

Date and time, address start/complete, trip route, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, idling

3-axis to detect bumps, break-ins and tows

Bump/disturbance, tow, geofence crossing, trip start/complete, ignition sound, low fuel, speed limit breach, check engine, DTC codes, low battery

Battery life, issues (DTC) notices, recalls, service bulletins

Distance, duration, max speed, average speed, engine speed, fuel efficiency

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Tamper Alerts
Real Time Location Tracking - -
Diagnostic Alerts -
Smart Home Connectivity
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Customer Reviews

Our experience with Vivint was awesome. We had Jon come to our house to give us a quote. We got quotes from a few companies but the vivint app and their new car guard service were by far the best for our needs. We liked the cameras so much we decided to add another one and they had the tech back here the next day. The no monitoring contract and just equipment financing plan also gave us a lot more flexibility than the other companies were offering. Would 100 percent recommend Vivint

Mélissa Jane Bissinger - Calgary - 4/5/2019

Car Guard FAQs

For Car Guard to be compatible with your vehicle it needs to have an OBD II Port. These are common on most cars made after 1996.
Car Guard installation is very straightforward and doesn’t require any tools or wiring. Most of the time installation takes 5 minutes or less
The device has a OBD II scanner built in which connects with the cars systems and works as a diagnostic tool to identify problems and then alert you via the Vivint Mobile App.
The check engine light is triggered by an OBD II code which Car Guard can read and provided details of the issue that triggered this.
No, there is a one time for the device and a service plan which is paid on a monthly basis.
Car Guard is covered under a full warranty that means if there is a fault with the device we’ll get a new one out to you for no extra cost.
As many as you want? Each car needs a sperate device but we’ll provide a discount on the monthly service cost for each additional car you add.

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros

Sign up with Vivint and Smart Home Pros will install your system and link your account in the Vivint Smart Home mobile app.

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