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Home security systems for protection from burglars

Your home is secured by door and window sensors that alert Vivint Sky if triggered by burglary attempts.

Vivint burglary sensors

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Looking out. So nothing gets in.

Smart sensors are an integral part of Vivint's home security systems. In the event of a breach of doors or windows, alerts come though both the hub and Vivint Smart Home app, and further support is provided by Vivint’s professionals who can help deal with emergencies 24/7.

Vivint window sensors

Keeping home comfortable—and secure.

Motion sensors offer an extra level of security and protection against burglaries. Once armed, the system will detect any movement in the house to trigger the alarm as well as alerting our 24/7 monitoring center.

Vivint security sensor in house

Worrying about home security - out the window.

Broken windows are protected Vivint’s Glass Break Detectors which form part of the defence against burglary. Any break will trigger the alarm as well as notifying our 24/7 monitoring team to ensure you can sleep safely and securely at night.

Vivint burglary sensor

A direct line to help.

Alongside door, window and motion sensors, the Vivint monitoring centre has a team on hand 24/7 to help with any burglary issues. Once a sensor is triggered, the team of professionals are on hand and will make contact through the Smart hub and will follow up with emergency services if required.

vivint call centre staff helping customers

Customer Reviews

We had Michael install our new system, he was very knowledgeable and had some great advise. He set us up and reviewed everything with us before leaving. Our new touchscreen system is an upgraded version of our previous one and is much more user friendly with more options available right from the control panel. I love the automatic sensing to recognize when no one is home, even if we didn’t arm before leaving. It will adjust temperature accordingly. I would recommend Vivint to anyone not sure which system to choose.

Joanne Cruickshank - Houston - 2/21/2019

The installer was amazing, upgraded system, put up new sensor on a window....all with a great attitude. Love the new system.

Shelley McWade - Edmonton - 1/11/2018

Vivint has a lot of great security functions / features. I have really enjoyed the "smart" home features. The technician that that helped me last month had a lot of knowledge about the system and gave a lot of great tips!! Thumbs up!

Sheri Paradee - Houston - 7/7/2019

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros

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