Take your home security in Dallas to the next level with a Vivint Smart Home System.

We offer 24/7 protection whether you’re living in a condo downtown, a townhouse in North Ridge or a bungalow in Arlington. Our team of locally based Vivint SmartHomePro’s can advise you on the best possible smart home or security system for your house.

As the leading authorized Vivint dealer in Dallas, we provide industry-best home security systems. We match that with professional service that includes prompt consultations and installations.

It all comes with the Vivint Sky App which lets you check your property from a day out in Enchanted Rock or between innings at the Rangers game. Call us today on 403.768.1355 to find out how Vivint in Dallas can put peace of mind in the palm of your hand.


Home security you can trust in Dallas

With so much to see and do in Dallas all year round, it isn’t unusual for many homes in the city to be unoccupied for large periods of time, and ensuring property is safe is a key priority for Texans.  Managing your security remotely isn’t always easy to do – many security companies are rooted in old technology that simply sounds and alarm in the event of a break in which isn’t useful when the owner is out of town or even in the office.

Vivint Smart Home in Dallas provides the answer with our state-of-the-art smart home solution that delivers award winning home security that second to none.  Our sensors are developed in-house at the Vivint Innovation Center where our team ensure that our system is built from the highest quality components. At the heart of the system is the Vivint App which provides you with camera feeds, live updates and alerts in the event that the system is triggered.   This remote access enables users to deal with the situation to either speak directly to a Vivint support specialist who can contact the emergency services, or to simply reset the system if it is a false alarm.

Our home security systems are always created individually to the needs of your home. Our team of Vivint SmartHomePros, based at our 2 locations in Dallas, will provide a free 1-on-1 consultation with you and help to design the optimum system for your needs. We will then provide professional system installation ensuring that all sensors are discreetly positioned to provide the best coverage for your home security.

A typical system is comprised of the following products;

  • Vivint Smart Hub
  • Vivint mobile app
  • Burglary detection sensors for rooms, windows and doors
  • Outdoor camera

Vivint Smart Home Dallas Reviews

I’ve never had a security system even though I was wired when I built the house 22 years ago. I have no comparison points, however, After my first month I am most impressed with the operation of the system. I had it installed to monitor the house from Denver where I spend over 3 months each year. My forgetfullness provided a real-time experience with how effective the program really works. I opened the front door to get the paper forgetting to disarm. The calls, the e-mails and the local patrolman all went into overdrive with my false alarm. That was a selling point— it works! Therefore, I give Vivint an A+ recommendation.

Thomas A Damron - 3/15/2019

I love vivint security, they are the best ever and their techs are pretty awesome .

Nicole Demoss - 2/11/2019

We’ve had Vivint since 2015. It works great in fact most neighbours have Vivint. No complaints.

Namra Ashraf, Dallas

I had Vivint at my last house unfortunately turned off the system when I moved. Worst mistake I ever made. Recently resigned with them. Easy to use system and family friendly. Friendly sales and installers. Glad to be back with them.


The perfect Dallas Smart Home

Vivint has long been the first choice for many Dallas residents when they have looked to upgrade their house to the ultimate smart home. Whether you are looking to make sure the house is the perfect temperature before you get home or ensuring that delivery drivers can leave parcels safe inside our Smart Home technology is perfect for home owners in the Dallas area.

House temperature showing vivint smart phone

The best tech choice in Dallas

Our systems combine state of the art tech such as the Vivint Element Thermostat, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, Smart Locks with a range of controllers such as the Vivint Mobile App, Google Home or Amazon Echo to ensure you can communicate your house and have it work as you wish. Many of these products are designed and made by Vivint by our team to work seamlessly with Vivint systems, and connect together to provide users with the best possible smart home set up in Dallas.

Boy uses vivint smart lock

Smart Home system design

To install all of this magic our team of Vivint SmartHomePro’s, based right here in Dallas provide a free consultation and design service to ensure the system is set up to provide exactly what you need. The team will advise on the best combination of leading tech products that will give you exactly the home automation you are looking for, and ensure that you have the right support levels in the event that you need to speak with a human as well as machines. Once the system is designed we can take care of installation of your tech and set you on the way to upgrading your house for the 2020’s.

Vivint smarthomepro explains how system works

Vivint - making life easier

Living in a smart home will bring huge amounts of benefits to residents in Dallas. From being able to control the garage door from your phone, ensuring that your Vivint Element Thermostat keeps your house at the perfect temperature or resetting the entry combination on your front door to allow guests to enter before you return home – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a Vivint Smart Home in the past.

Woman checks phone for vivint water sensor

Your smart home is just one call away

Step 1

Talk to an expert right here in Dallas and get a free quote.

Step 2

A local Dallas Smart Home Pro will help build a system customized to your home.

Step 3

Professional installation by a local Dallas Smart Home Pro.

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