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Keep an eye on everything

Protect your family and your home investment from would-be burglars with Vivint Outdoor Cameras. Think of them as eyes where you need them most, allowing you and yours to stay safe while monitoring activity on your smartphone or Smart Hub.

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Help is only one touch away

Vivint Smart Home provides 24/7 home security monitoring services. When smoke, fire or carbon monoxide create life-threatening situations, the one-touch emergency callout button puts you in direct contact with monitoring teams, shaving precious seconds off response times.

user calling emergency services with vivant smart hub

Stay ahead of the unexpected

Life can be unpredictable. When your home is threatened by water, smoke, or carbon monoxide, quick action can help limit the impact. Our state-of-the-art sensors and alert systems warn you of potential dangers, so you can act fast—reducing health risks for loved ones, preserving your home, and saving money from averted damages.

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Don’t worry. We’ve thought of everything

Vivint is in the business of making your life easier with intelligent design and professional support. All the devices in your Vivint Smart Home system work together seamlessly on a single platform. And you can always rely on the human side of your home ecosystem—Vivint’s 24/7 customer support and monitoring—to be there when you need us most.

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Home security & safety

Home security provided by smart technology

Home Security is often one of the first considerations for families moving into a new home, but choosing the right security system can be a daunting prospect. Keeping home and family safe from threats such as property theft, house fire, burglaries or floods requires a system of connected sensors and detectors as well as a solid on-call support team. With Vivint, your journey to a safe and secure home starts with our product consultants who will help you to design a system that is tailor made for your house and family needs. They will help to determine the right mix of security cameras, sensors & detectors, all controlled by the award winning Vivint Mobile app and smart hub.

family at home with Vivint smart hub

The first line of defense against potential thieves or intruders is handled by Vivint’s Outdoor Camera Pro. </br> Equipped with infrared technology, the camera provides a live feed on demand and also triggers notifications to mobile phones when someone comes too close to the house. A bright LED light on the device also acts as a deterrent to any potential thieves. Burglary sensors include both infrared motion detectors that ensure any intruders to the house trigger alerts, as well as glass break detectors which raise alarms in the event that windows are broken.

burglar being caught on vivint outdoor camera

Home security isn’t just concerned with outside threats, Vivint’s Smart Home system also provides sensors and detectors that can protect the home from water damage, fire and Carbon Monoxide. Water sensors work by sending notifications to mobile devices in the event of rising moisture levels, when pipes are cold enough to freeze or other times water is detected. Smoke and fire are frequently listed as one of the biggest fears for homeowners and as such most Vivint Smart Home security systems tend to include a number of smoke and CO Detectors. These detectors not only provide wide ranging detection, but connect up through the Vivint Smart Home system to provide status updates through the Vivint Mobile App as well as triggering changes in airflow if the system includes a smart thermostat to actively slow the spread of fire.

woman cooking while vivint smart home protect house

While all of these sensors and devices individually will provide a sense of home safety and security on their own, the real power of the system comes from the 24/7 support and monitoring that Vivint’s control center provide.

user calling emergency services with vivant smart hub
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