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Home Automation from Vivint

Home automation from Vivint brings together market leading smart devices to provide control, comfort and convenience in a truly connected smart home.

The Vivint Smart hub is the digital heart of the home providing all the controls for the house on one touchscreen dashboard. Integrating the system with Google Home gives added voice controls.

Smart thermostats enable the home to be heated or cooled remotely, as well as utilizing AI to learn your preferences and auto adjusts to your settings.  Philips Hue smart light bulbs help create the perfect lighting for any moods.

Smart locks and garage door controls give added convenience for home owners making it easy for guests to come and go without keys, or the need to get out of the car.

Kwikset Smart Locks

With Kwikset Smart Locks from Vivint you can lock and unlock your doors from the next room or the next state.

Vivint Kwikset Locks
Delivery driver presses vivint doorbell camera

Vivint Element Thermostat

The wireless element thermostat integrates with the smart home systems to keep your house at the perfect temperature while conserving energy and lowering bills.

Vivint Element Thermostat
House temperature showing vivint smart phone

Google Home

Adding in Google Home to the Vivint Home Automation system enables voice control of the smart home making it easy to open doors, adjust temperature or change lighting.

Google Home
Mum checks recipe with google home and vivint

What is home automation?

What is home automation?

For many years the world has been getting smarter. Smart phones, cars and watches can be seen widely in garages, pockets and on wrists, and in recent years Smart Homes have become the latest household entity to get in on the act, enabling more and more houses to benefit from Home automation.Home automation is about more than the internet connected devices that make up a smart home, but rather the idea of harnessing the power of internet technology to improve the quality of life of homeowners.

What can home automation improve?

Home automation, at a base level, can make a home more comfortable through intelligent thermostats to make heating systems both more comfortable and more efficient, as well as automating lighting systems and entertainment systems to make movie night a perfect night in.

By utilizing the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) a smart home will adapt over time to preferences to understand the best time to start to warm or cool the house at certain times, or ensure lighting is adjusted to the needs of the house while providing energy efficiency.

How will home automation keep children safe?

Smart Home technology can also make the home safer. As well as linking up indoor and outdoor cameras and sensors to make the home aware of what is happening, building in automation to smart locks can ensure that children can enter the home easily without the need for keys, while also ensuring they are kept comfortable by connecting digital thermostats.

How can I control home automation?

Controlling a smart home system can be done in a number of ways, through the award winning Vivint Smart Hub or market leading mobile app, but for many the ability to simply add home automation controls to their Amazon Echo or Google Home devices is where home automation becomes a seamless part of the household.

What do I need to do to start home automation?

Vivint provide a unique combination of consultants who will help design the perfect smart home system, state-of-the-art connected devices and sensors, Vivint’s market leading mobile hub and professional installation to ensure everything is set up and ready to make your life easier.
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