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Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is the ultimate outdoor security camera. Featuring 4k high resolution, night vision and smart motion detection as well as a host of other features. Data is stored as Smart Clips which are saved whenever something happens outside your home.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro
Vivint outdoor camera pro with red LED ring lit up

Vivint Doorbell Camera

More useful than an old ding-dong doorbell, more subtle than a security camera, it’s a video doorbell with a 180-degreelens, HD resolution and infrared night vision to see everything outside your door at any hour.

Doorbell Camera
Vivint doorbell camera

Vivint Ping Camera

Our stylish indoor camera sits on a countertop and offers a crystal-clear view of your home. The wide-angle lens lets you see the entire room. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Ping Camera
Vivint Ping Camera

Vivint Playback DVR

Playback fully integrates with your Vivint Smart Home system so you can view video footage from anywhere using your Vivint Smart Home app.

Playback DVR
Customer checking vivint mobile app

Vivint Intelligent Video

Connected cameras

To have the best security camera system you need to pair cameras with the Vivint Smart Home app. The app, rated with 4.5 stars in the app store, allows you to use your smartphone as a portal to see exactly what is happening inside and outside your home. The system also allows 2 way talk back allowing you to speak and listen with family at home, or question people coming to the front door.

Vivint Smart Home App
Woman checks delivery on phone via vivint doorbell camera

Form and function

As much as most people want the peace of mind that comes with a security camera system, they also don’t want their house to look like Fort Knox. Products like the Vivint doorbell camera have been designed to fit in with a home natural aesthetic and provide a subtle, minimalist design that belies the technology underneath of the wide angle lens and HD camera sensor.

Doorbell Camera
Girl rings vivint doorbell

Zoom and store

From tight narrow drive ways to spacious front yards, getting the full picture from an outdoor camera is important for it to be really effective. That’s why Vivint’s Outdoor Security Camera Pro features a 1080p high resolution camera, wide angle lens and powerful zoom. And once that footage is captured, Vivint VDR Playback gives 30 days of continuous video storage that combines many flexible viewing options, all uploaded wirelessly to the Vivint Smart Drive for on demand viewing via the Vivint Smart Home App.

Playback DVR
Vivint outdoor camera pro looking over a car

Capture the action

Both the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro and Ping Indoor camera work with through motion activated triggers that identify movement and start capturing 20 second smart clips that can be reviewed up to 14 days later. The Vivint Doorbell Camera provides 30 seconds of footage, time enough to catch any rogue delivery drivers or identify any lurkers at the from door.

Ping Camera
Communicating with delivery driver through Vivint smart phone app

When the sun goes down

Thanks to the infrared night vision capabilities of the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, there is no need to worry about home security when then the sun goes down as the camera stands guard against any nighttime prowler from next doors cat to any potential intruders. As well as keeping an eye on outside, the indoor Ping camera also works well in the dark enabling you to keep an eye on kids wondering around when they should be in bed.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro
Vivint Outdoor camera pro working in the dark

Meet Streety

Streety from Vivint enables video footage to be shared through a secure private network to enable you to keep your neighbourhood safer.

Streety from Vivint

Cameras FAQs

As part of the consultation and installation process a Vivint Smart Home Pro will install and position cameras for the best results. Once in place if you change furniture arrangements or room configurations you can move your Ping cameras as often as you like. It is worth following a few simple rules to get the most out of the system if you make changes.
  • Height of the camera – set the camera position so that you can capture the best view of the room
  • Strength of the signal – as a wireless camera ensure you get the clearest picture by avoiding any WiFi black spots in the house and position close to WiFi router.
  • Power – try and set the camera as close to a power socket as possible.
  • Secure mounting – either set the camera on a flat surface or use a secure attachement.
As one of the smallest and most discreet doorbell cameras on the market, the Vivint Doorbell camera provides the ability to follow activity at the front door and check on who comes and goes. This means you are able to;
  • See who it at the door without opening it
  • Check on the door remotely when there is no-one home with the children
  • Recordings enable you to never miss anything or anyone who comes to the doorstep
For more information about the Vivint Doorbell camera click here.
Protecting your family from threats such as burglary, theft, intrusion are all factors that a comprehensive home security system can address. Vivint Smart Home systems are made up of home security sensors, cameras and our 24/7 monitoring service to keep your home safe and secure. Our range of indoor and outdoor cameras will not only enable you to catch and record security threats from the Vivint Mobile app, but can actively discourage potential intruders thanks to features like the bright LED warning lights and two way talk back.
There are three parts to the cost of a home security system;
  1. Purchase price
  2. Installation costs
  3. Operating costs
While different providers offer different options for purchase costs based on equipment package, Vivint Smart Home  packages come with flexible payment options and financing arrangements. Entry level systems provide only basic sensors for window and doors that can often be fitted without specialist installers. Vivint packages are more complete and include touchscreen control panels as well as options to add in security cameras to the base burglary detection equipment. All of this is set up by our team of professional installers. Operating a home security system often means layering in a 24/7 monitoring service to ensure help is on hand in the event of an incident or an alarm is triggered. This isn't an option if installing a 'plug and play' system, however Vivint's award winning system, which has a monthly cost associated, will provide this.  As well as home security issues, this service also provides immediate support for any medical emergencies or action in the event of a fire or flood.
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  • By completing this form, you consent for Vivint to contact you at the number and email provided about Vivint offers. This consent does not require you to make a purchase. Clicking the button below constitutes your electronic signature.